If you purchase a chandelier through Crystal Corner we offer a chandelier hanging service to make life simple for yourself (please contact us for more information).

But if you would like to install a chandelier yourself here are a few tips.

If you install a chandelier in a location that has never been wired for any electrical item it will require new wiring to be installed.    New electric wires need to be run from the fixture’s location to the closest electrical source.    The best route for the wires and ease of access to the ceiling needs to be take into account.    The building structure where the chandelier is to be hung needs to be assessed, a good fixing point, i.e. a joist needs to be found so that a hook can be screwed into this fixing.   If no joist is where the chandelier is to be hung the floorboards on the floor above may need to be raised and a fixing made from this point.

The weight of the chandelier should be taken into account and the fixing needs to be able to take the weight.   We always go higher with the weight assessment, i.e. if a chandelier weighs 15 kilo then we would hang from a hook which will take 20 kilo just to be on the safe side.

The height of the chandelier can be adjusted by taking links out of the chain and cutting the electric cable accordingly, obviously before the chandelier is hung!   You should consider how low you would like the chandelier to hang.    Ensure that the chandelier is the right proportion for the room.

The chandelier should be  connected by a qualified electrician.

LED bulbs are a good choice for chandeliers.   They last approximately 50,000 hours so changing the bulbs will become a rare occurrence and are around 10 times more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs.