Designer Chandeliers


The chandeliers shown below are all hand made.  The chandelier frames are made in Italy and the majority of the glass is added by our technicians in our workshop in Marlow.  If you require any of the chandeliers to be personalised either with different coloured glass or even the frame built to a larger size just let us know.  We will be adding the prices and measurements to the website very soon.  But in the mean time feel free to contact us with any questions which you may have.


Picture-0002 Picture-0003 REGINA Picture-033 Picture-030 Picture-029 Picture-026 Picture-021 Picture-020 Picture-018 Picture-014 Picture-013 Picture-010 Picture-006 Picture-005 Picture-004 fante beby art.240 art.235 art.192 art.125 art.124 art.118 art.110 art.108 art.107 SCAN0010